• Who are Dragonfly?

    Dragonfly is the developer brand used by M:Science Ltd. M:Science are a market leader in SMS text message aggregation and software with over 15 years’ experience and trading. M:Science aggregate millions of message every year for its corporate client and Dragonfly exists to simplify the use of our tools within the developer community.
  • How to buy messages?

    In order to top up your account with more SMS messages, simply log into the Dragonfly website using your account credentials and select ‘Purchase Messages’. Here you will be able to select the bundle you wish to purchase and complete the order by entering your debit or credit card details. Your messages will be automatically applied to your account and added onto your existing message balance.
  • Countries & Networks?

    Using Dragonfly’s outbound SMS service, you will be able to connect to over 1000 networks in over 200 countries worldwide. Making Dragonfly SMS one of the most well connected SMS providers on the market!
  • Do messages expire?

    One of the many benefits of purchasing messages from Dragonfly is the fact that none of our messages carry an expiry date. This means that once purchased, the messages will remain on your account until they have been sent.
  • Delivery receipts?.

    Delivery receipts let you know whether a message has been delivered. We forward them to you by making an HTTP request to a URL of your choice. Your server must respond with a 200, OK, status code to indicate successful processing of the delivery receipt.
  • Receiving messages?

    There are two ways to receive messages, each of which will require you to lease an inbound number from Dragonfly:

    The first method is called ‘GetMessages’ and this mechanism retrieves the last inbound SMS message you received in your inbox. Each message must be acknowledged using AckMessages before further messages can be retrieved.

    The other method, known as ‘PushMessages’ requires the registration of a Web Push URL/address. Then, when any inbound messages arrive, Dragonfly will automatically push the messages on to the handler script which is hosted on your web server.

  • Support for legacy PHP?

    Our PHP wrapper only supports PHP 5.4 and upwards. The reason for this is PHP 5.4 (released in 2012) is the oldest version that is still being patched, developed and supported. This being said, Dragonfly can supply their SMS Web Service which should work for most older versions that are still being used today and details of this, can be located in the documentation section on our website.
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